NEMT Cloud Dispatch
State of the art Non-Emergency Med Trans (NEMT) Cloud Disptach with Static & Dynamic Routing -Real Time Dispatch -Scheduler & Driver Portal - iOS / Android Driven Apps - Medical Billing & Invoicing - Web & Client Portal
GPS Tracking Solutions
GPS Tracking has never been so easy with our GPS Tracking Software - Advanced Reporting - Integration with NEMT & Dispatch - iOS / Android Driven Apps
Job Management Board
Top-notch resource management solutions offering Industrial leading Job Management - Employee scheduling & Tracking - iOS / Android Driven Apps - Multiple Site Management - Process Automation
Cloud Fleet Software
Our Cloud based Fleet Managment Software has got it all covered with Real time scheduling & Dispatch - Scheduler & Drive Portal - iOS / Android Driven Apps - Driver Tracking
GPS Trackers
We have got GPS Trackers fitting your needs Portable Personal Tracker - AVL installable GPS Tracker - Infrared Camera & Connector - 2 Way Voice Capable
VoIP Solutions
We offers state of the art flexible and scalable VOIP Solutions to a broad range of small to large scale businesses. These include Cloud based VoIP Solution - PBX hosted solutions - Customized Asterisk Servers
    Starting From $135 /Unit
    Starting From $199 /Month
    Starting From $499
  • NEMT Cloud dispatch
    Starting From $79.99 Per Website
  • Job Management
    Starting From $79.99 Per Website

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