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NEMT Cloud Dispatch is one stop shop for all the modules demanded in the industry. Start from trip handling for your accounts to dispatching and billing we got you covered! Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Dispatch Software is capable of serving modern-day medical transportation issues.

NEMT software performs for you:

Dispatching Software

NEMT Dispatch Software helps you to streamline your transportation business efficiently. The traditional trip booking method is replaced by contemporary, proficient, and hassles-free mobile technology. It gives Fleet owners complete independence and flawless administration right from the selection and booking of a vehicle to the invoice and payment.

Auto-scheduling Software

non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software offers trailing and operational analysis for a large variety of medical transportation services as well as NEMT, PACE organizations, brokerages, etc. We have a tendency to facilitate health service agencies to improve their potency with comprehensive management software. NEMT scheduling software helps win this with a sophisticated and automatic programming engine facilitating correct schedules and systematic processes.

NEMT Billing Software

An inspiring online invoicing software enables managers to automatically organize and invoice clients, archive invoices, and organize inventory with the most convenient yet fully equipped database in accordance with contemporary state-of-the-art technology. A comprehensive NEMT billing software should allow various users and has multi-currency capabilities catering to the special needs of international customers.


NEMT routing software assists business professionals to complete plentiful assigned tasks and jobs on a daily basis just by managing their time slots efficiently. The same vehicle and driver will be available for a lot more bookings rather than just a limited customer due to the time saved by the routing software.

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ERP Portal provides the medical transportation industry an opportunity to automate every process which includes managing trip requests, driver's data, vehicle & driver management (free vehicle & driver identification), GPS vehicle tracking, trip rating, driver rating, and planned and efficient routing.

Android & IOS

We have taken our NEMT Software to the next level where everything can be planned, monitored, and managed right from your mobile App based on Android and iOS platforms. In NEMT software, Dispatchers and drivers are always connected through IOS/Android Driven Apps.

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