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Making Digital Contracts More Secure

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SecureClose provides technology solutions to help eradicate any misconceptions and misunderstandings while executing digital contracts through a clear explanation of the documents for the auto dealerships, the financial institution and the end-user customers alike.

The Core Aspects developed by Hybrid IT Services, Inc

Consistent Explanations

A computerized avatar delivers easy-to-understand, fully compliant verbal explanations of all closing documents.

Dual Languages

Disclosures are now available both for English and Spanish speaking Avatars to reach even more of your customers.

Audio/Video Recording

Your digital Closing Record captures everything said and signed, including side-by-side video of the customer and on-screen presentation.

Cloud Access

Both dealers and customers have online access to the Closing Record of the entire deal for future reference, along with electronic deal documents.

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Through our integrations with Byrider, Auto Master Systems, DealerSocket, AFS Dealers and AutoStar Solutions, SecureClose NEXT combines the presentation of compliant legal disclosures with electronic document presentation, E-Signature, and document and presentation storage. Dealer and consumer can close their transaction using SecureClose NEXT.

  • Bi-Lingual Presentation
  • Your Closings, Your Way


No DMS Integration? No Problem! Now you can send documents from ANY source to be explained and signed in SecureClose NEXT, with SecureClose Connect. This easy-to-use software installs as a printer on your computer, and when you are ready to send a document to SecureClose, simply ‘Print’ to SecureClose Connect! Contact us and let us know, we’ll keep you updated.

  • Webcam Recording
  • Contract Signing

Smart & Convenient
Solutions for Automated Closing

Hybrid IT Services, Inc spearheaded the customized development for a feasible and effective solution to address the electronic documentation, closing during the auto deals through SecureClose web applications. This automated closing feature handles the signing, authenticating and securing digital documents. Furthermore, it helps clients in signing, verifying and authenticating auto deals with fast and secure digital signing.

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